Revenue Assurance: Professional Perspectives for 2010

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With the beginning of a fresh new year, we are seeing a lot of new exciting growth for GRAPA and for revenue assurance professionals around the world.

Revenue Assurance Professional Staffs Growing At Astronomical Rate

The biggest single landmark for revenue assurance has been the almost continuous growth in the size of revenue assurance departments around the world. As the latest generation of entrant telcos staff up, and as companies continue to see the incredible benefits of revenue protection, risk amelioration and new product development support that professional revenue assurance teams can offer, CFOs around the world are saying, “I need more people to do this job”.

Scope of Revenue Assurance Expanding and Maturing

While it is great to see the increased numbers of revenue assurance professionals, more significant is that these teams continue to see an expansion in the scope of what the revenue assurance professional is expected to do. New product development support, margin and market assurance, network asset utilization maximization: the list continually expands as companies (and revenue assurance professionals themselves) become more systematic and mature in their approach to the biggest problems telcos face.

Formalization of Roles and Responsibilities Continues

GRAPA is not standing at the sidelines during these exciting and critical times. We continue to work aggressively with members from around the world to understand better what people are doing, how they do it, and how we can help formally define these functions, roles and responsibilities and integrate them into our standards/procedures and standard controls libraries.

New Certification Programs For 2010

While the certification program in 2009 was a huge success, (much better than expected), there are several positive suggestions for critical improvements that we need to make. The biggest change is the use of the term “Bachelors”. Our piloted 40-hour programs will no longer include the word “bachelors”, but there will be no change to the critical aspects of market value of the certification. At the same time, we will discontinue a few that did not see a lot of demand, and we will submit a final report to the membership for ratification and formalization.

New Telco Fraud Officer Program Launched

While the progress of revenue assurance has been phenomenal, feedback from the membership indicates a serious fraud management training and certification program is badly needed. Most telcos face a huge risk of fraud, and while good revenue assurance practices can help, ultimately, the fraud management job is much bigger and quite different in many key areas. 2010 will see the launch of our new Telco Fraud Officer initiative, geared towards the aggressive, systematic and comprehensive addressing of this much-needed addition to the revenue assurance arsenal.

Standards and Benchmarks Work Continues

We know the real value and core of the service GRAPA delivers is our ability to poll the membership, gather meaningful, accurate and independent information about how things can and should be done, and report that information back to you. Our standards and benchmarking committees continue to work at this critical job, and the information continues to be gathered and distributed.

Social Networking Programs

One of the big surprises for 2009 was the success of several of our social networking efforts. The GRAPA Blogs (English and Spanish Language), podcasts, newsletters (Consensus and Voices) and the LinkedIn group are a huge success. If you have not looked at these yet, try them. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Overall, 2009 was a fantastic year, and 2010 promises to be a true adventure in terms of the places we will be going. Stay tuned!

Until later, this is Rob Mattison, President of GRAPA wishing you a Happy New Year.

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