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Alas, the lonely phone booth.

Whether you call it a phone booth, a phone box, a Wartel or any of hundreds of other names, the phone booth represented, for many of the us, the FIRST TRULY MOBILE PHONE. Anyplace you went, there, standing by was your old friend, the PAY PHONE.

Of course, for today’s generation, the phone booth is a joke, an anomaly, something that only old people use. But with the gradual demise of the phone booth, as with so many things, we lose a little bit of ourselves in the process.

My earliest memories of payphones go back to school. You went to the football game, and when it was over, you called home to get picked up. Later, making sure that you had a pocket full of coins was critical for calling the girl that you were dating, to make she was still “interested” in you.

Although the phone booth, like so many of the unique icons of the 20th century that are passing away as we roar into the 21st ,  is fading from our cultural identity and from our shared experience, they still provide us with a unique and fascinating study in diversity, style, humor and identity.

I started collecting pictures of phone booths on my first trip to Asia. On that trip I visited Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. How amazing it all was to me, and the phone booths were just a part of the experience.

Since then, I always carry a camera with me, and whenever I see a phone box that looks interesting, I take a picture. I hope that the collection here provides you with some amusement.

If you come across any interesting phone booths or your own, please submit them to our collection.

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