Mediation Benchmark

datePosted on 09:28, April 8th, 2009 by Rob Mattison

Are you assuring your mediation systems well enough? How can you tell? GRAPA benchmarks help members learn how to:

  • How other carriers manage their mediation
  • Who typically is responsible for the checking of mediation activity
  • How often alarms are generated
  • What typical levels of filtration, suspension, error and consolidation are utilized
  • How compliance and reporting to top management is handled

How does benchmarking work?

  • Log onto the GRAPA Benchmark Page Click Here to take the Mediation Benchmark
  • Answer the questions
  • When the benchmark is completed, you will get a copy of the report summarizing the answers provided by participants.

About the Technology Briefing Track

datePosted on 05:46, April 7th, 2009 by Rob Mattison

New technology is the lifeblood of the telco. It is estimated that major improvements and technological innovations are invented daily at labs and sites around the world. Clearly, if the revenue assurance professional is going to be effective, they need to be aware of how all of these different technologies work. In this series we will attempt to provide the membership with insights into the concepts, vocabulary and issues associated with assuring a wide range of different technologies.

About the Revenue Assurance Practices Track

datePosted on 06:16, April 6th, 2009 by Rob Mattison

When it comes to revenue assurance there are a number of areas of concern.

We need to be aware of our organizational positioning and the way that we integrate revenue assurance into the overall operational framework of our companies. We need to worry about the technology, the systems, the organizations and the environmental factors that make up our environment, and that make revenue assurance easy or hard. We need to understand that in the final analysis, what most people want to know is: how exactly is it done? What are the standard practices that people follow in order to do revenue assurance in this area? How do I know if I am doing too much, too little or just the right amount? This is where Standard Practices come in.

2009: The Year of the Revenue Assurance Professional

datePosted on 12:48, March 2nd, 2009 by Rob Mattison

Will 2009 be “the year of the revenue assurance professional?” It’s funny how things work out. Since the earliest days of telecommunications there’s always been someone, some small group of people, who kept their eyes on the revenue stream and fought to make sure that the telecommunication company realized as much revenue as possible. Back in those olden days the job wasn’t given much credit and it certainly wasn’t formally defined. In those days it was just expected that everything would and should be working without those pesky “leakages”.

Revenue Assurance Standards: A Sliding Scale

datePosted on 14:07, February 9th, 2009 by Rob Mattison

While mulling over the  problems common to revenue assurance professionals, it became clear to me that there was no real logical reason why we shouldn’t be able to establish a set of standards, structures, guidelines and knowledge sharing that would make it possible for the industry to attain a decent “economy of scale” for the investment in revenue assurance. While revenue assurance might be needed more in some places than others, the core challen
ge to the establishment of revenue assurance as a profession, was to develop a set of standards that can support everyone. This set of standards that would allow everyone to benefit from, the shared mission , goals and challenges, while at the same time recognizing and adapting to the differences that are the heart and soul of the industry.

Welcome to the Telecom of the 21st Century!

datePosted on 01:30, January 25th, 2009 by Rob Mattison

The large, slow moving, highly profitable incumbent wireline and long distance companies of the 19th and 20th century has become the new, lean, mean, highly flexible (and loosely assembled) telecom of the 21st century. But the modern telecommunications company is also a chaotic, confusing, pressure cooker of change: changing technology, changing markets, changing consumer attitudes, changing competitive landscape.

In the modern world of telecommunications, competitors can become partners in the blink of an eye as companies struggle to balance, risk, revenue, capital outlay and expertise against each other. In the midst of all this mess we find, the humble revenue assurance practitioner (that’s you and me, my friend).

A Look Back at 2008

datePosted on 14:04, January 18th, 2009 by Rob Mattison


I’d like to take some time and look back at what GRAPA has experimented with over the past year. There were a number of different activities and initiatives; some initiatives were extremely successful, while others were less than effective. As time goes on however, we continue to improve in our approach and effectiveness.  Let’s take a look at some of the more successful activities of 2008 included:

GRAPA Standards Committee – The official GRAPA Standards Document was by far the single biggest success, and the more critical aspect of activities in 2008.  The completion of the primary mission and the establishment of this document helped create a solid foundation for GRAPA.  I’d like to give many thanks to the committees that pulled together to develop this timely document for the continued success of our association.

Take a Stroll Down Mattison Avenue

datePosted on 02:17, January 13th, 2009 by Rob Mattison

Greetings GRAPA Members!

Welcome to Mattison Avenue, a place where you can gather information about GRAPA and get an inside view about what’s in store for us this year. Today, I was sitting at my desk, thinking about all that we’ve accomplished in the past year. With our sights set high on taking revenue assurance professionals to the next level, I’d like to discuss where we are headed in the year 2009. For starters, I’ve implemented this blog, as a way for you to get inside my head (just a bit) and discover my ideas, hopes and thoughts about our organization. This blog will serve as my sounding board to you about GRAPA and the initiatives we set to accomplish this year. I’m also looking to utilize another online tool, LinkedIn, which will give revenue assurance professionals a place to network with one another and stay in the loop about the great things GRAPA is doing.

Well, I’d like to start by saying that in 2009, we’ll see a number of improvements and re-commitments to many of the things that worked well in 2008. More importantly, we’ll continue with our innovation by initiating a number of new activities as well.

I think the biggest single event and the most important GRAPA activity in 2009 will be the final ratification, publication and promotion of the GRAPA Standards. The formalization and ratification of these standards and their promotion around the world signals the maturation of revenue assurance as a professional activity and GRAPA as the agent of that professionalization.

We will see a recommitment of GRAPA to the Town Hall meeting venue. Although there were some false starts and challenges in 2009, we are sure that our more experienced team members will be able to make Town Halls a foundational component of GRAPA member activity in 2009.