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I again (happily) found myself providing training for another corporate, multi-national revenue assurance group. The room was full of revenue assurance managers and team members all working for the same corporate group, but traveling from a dozen different countries around the world. It fills me with a sense of respect and admiration where I see the incredible level of sophistication, dedication and enthusiasm that these professionals exhibit.

Sitting in this room, it is clear that Revenue Assurance continues to be an exciting, challenging and ever expanding career path for those of us who have “The Right Stuff”. Just in case you think I am exaggerating about how exciting and critical revenue assurance has become to telco organizations, I have got to tell you that the organizers of this event provided me with a little “bonus” this week. They told me that I would not have to teach for the first hour, because the CEO for the entire corporate group was going to fly in and provide the kick-off for our one week training and certification event.

Some of you may be surprised that the CEO of a large corporate multinational telecommunication group would travel all that way to spend an hour addressing a room full of revenue assurance geeks. But that would mean you have not been paying attention. In the past year, we have had more than than six onsite training events where the CEO, the CFO or both have opted to kick off the event , and impress upon the revenue assurance team how much they were being counted on to help the company make its objectives in the coming year. I’ve actually had it happen where the CFO to stops by for a visit, listens in on what we are discussing, and then decides to stay around for the rest of the event.

But how do you explain this? Why have a bunch of “CDR Jockeys” suddenly come to find themselves at the leading edge of so many telco operations? It’s simple. They need us. These C Level executives are coming to understand that what we have to offer, is what they need. C Level executives are beginning to see that revenue assurance represents one of the single biggest strategic tools in their arsenal.

At one event in Latin America, the CEO of the group spent over two hours, detailing for everyone in the class what the future direction of the company was going to be. He took the participants through painstaking detail, reviewing plans for major technology upgrades (NGN, WIMAX AND LTE), new product and service delivery plans (launching dozens of new products in three short months). Most importantly, he highlighted and impressed upon everyone the critical role that revenue assurance was expected to play in each of these cases.

Talk about “stealing my thunder”. But ,that’s okay. It greatly enhances my credibility when I can tell them, “This is what is important to the CEO”, when the CEO just got through saying the same thing to them a few hours earlier.

In yet a third case, the CEO of the company addressed our class with a surprisingly clear and simple message for the students. He explained that the revenue assurance  team was a critical part of corporate strategy for the next year, and that the biggest things he needed to see, and he expected from his revenue assurance  team were:

Integrity – He spent more than five minutes drilling down on examples of how important the integrity of the people and of operations was going to be in the year ahead, and how critical the revenue assurance  team was to that strategic vision.

Proactivity – He thanked the revenue assurance  managers, and implored them to be more proactive in their zeal for seeking out risks and revenue opportunities.

If I didn’t know any better I would say that he read the GRAPA standards book on his way to the conference. That is the good news. The bad news is that with this high profile attention comes a lot of responsibility. These guys are putting confidence in us, and the want to see results. Of course, we have the knowledge, the tools and the relationships to get the job done.

In the weeks ahead, our GRAPA social networking group is going to be putting together a series of blogs, articles and interviews about GRAPA success stories, to share with everyone the amazing, compelling and interesting successes that GRAPA members are experiencing.

I hope these stories will help to inspire, enlighten and provide direction to many of you.

So, that’s enough for this week, until next time, this is Rob Mattison saying, be safe.

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