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As the president of GRAPA, I’d like to tell you about one of the three new and exciting training and certification programs being launched in 2011. The Program is called “Revenue Assurance Foundations.”  I hope that you come to believe, as I do, that this will be the best, most effective, career building, paradigm shaking, awesome revenue assurance event that anyone has ever heard of.

So what is the history and background for this program? The Revenue Assurance Foundations program is the third in the series of what we call our core curriculum for revenue assurance professionals. The core curriculum is an intense five day crash course in the fundamentals of the practice of professional revenue assurance as advocated by the GRAPA standards.

The program provides both the experienced revenue assurance professional, and the novice with a complete, simplified, step-by-step journey through the complex world of professional revenue assurance. In one glance, students will see the entire depth and breadth of all of the different facets of the practice of revenue assurance and learn first hand, through case studies and examples, the practical, results oriented tools and approaches that are making revenue assurance professionals the most sought after experts in telecommunications today.

In addition to a comprehensive review and reinforcement of the GRAPA standards based approach to the practice of revenue assurance, upgrades for 2011 include four major categories:

  • More Technology
  • More Business Focus
  • More Finance
  • More Methodologies
  • More Governance

More technology:

The trend in the industry is clear. The days of the single line of business telecom are past. Telecoms around the world are expanding their technology footprint in a dizzying array of migration strategies.

Whether it is the commitment to migrate upward through the Next Generation Network, 3G, 4G, LTE and Docsis3.0 direction, or to expand into more data, broadcast, ISP , IP Packet and content business models, the revenue assurance professional needs a clear firm foundation in all of the technology sets, and our program is designed to provide just that.

More Business:

The modern revenue assurance professional must be able to handle an impossible assortment of different business models and partnerships. One of the first things that we teach is that it is the business models and the people that make revenue assurance so challenging. Our foundations program provides a stronger focus on the different business models, partnership programs that the modern telecoms face.

More Finance:

CFO’s and CEO’s are no longer satisfied with a revenue assurance department that simply plugs leaks and monitors billing. What the modern telecom needs is a revenue assurance professional that understands the complex issues of product profitability and product design. Our foundations program focuses on teaching the revenue assurance professional how to apply revenue assurance techniques to the management of margins, marking, promotions, bundles and the most challenging of all, the new product development process.

More Governance and Methodologies: KPI’s and Top Management Partnerships

Every day, newer and better techniques for the execution of revenue assurance, and for the more effective tracking and reporting of revenue assurance activities are pioneered by our members. The Foundations program will provide you with the tools, and insights that you need to turn your revenue assurance department into a true strategic weapon for your C-Level Executives.

Who Should Attend the Foundations Program?

1. People new to revenue assurance who are looking for a comprehensive introduction to the subject matter

2. Experience revenue assurance professionals who are interested in picking up the latest techniques and who want to learn about how the GRAPA standards based approach is revolutionizing the practice of revenue assurance.

In addition to these clear candidates for training, we also find that internal auditors, telecommunications financial analysts and pricing analysts benefit a lot from the program. While these professionals do not specifically do revenue assurance, they have certainly come to appreciate the body of knowledge that we teach. We also find that consultants, software developers and even regulators have gained a lot of valuable insight to help support them in their activities by attending these events

So What is this Revenue Assurance Foundations Program? How Does It Work?

It is a five day program and each day is themed around a different aspect of the revenue assurance professional domain. The training takes a 360 degree view of the revenue assurance job, balancing coverage between the political, technical, operational, and structural perspectives, thereby making it easy for the student to see how RA can best FIT into any telecom organization.

Each day consists of anywhere from four to six hours of structured lecture, based on GRAPA’s body of knowledge, and organized in a manner that guarantees maximum efficiency of learning. The modules are organized so that all prerequisite knowledge for advanced topics is covered earlier. For this reason, it is not possible for students to “cherry pick” an event and only come for certain modules. Each training module assumes that the student has mastered the material from earlier modules.

The days are organized as follows:

Day 1: Revenue Governance

The first day of the training provides the student with an overview of the GRAPA standards, governance and framework. Students will learn about the standards and methodologies that are helping turn revenue assurance into a scientific, predictable and teachable discipline.

Included will be:

  • The Domain Analysis Methodology
  • The concept of the GRAPA standard controls for a given domain
  • Domain confidence mapping
  • Revenue mapping
  • Risk assessment
  • Revenue assurance life-cycle

Learn the complete framework for the organization, practice, measurement and reporting of revenue assurance activities in a way that makes sense to top management, and clearly shows the value of revenue assurance investments automatically.

Day 2: Network Fundamentals.

The Day 2 program is designed to provide the student with a comprehensive overview of the Revenue and Risk containment aspects of all of the major network technology sets. Learn how to assure and secure any technology, any time without becoming a network engineer.

Day 2 covers:

  • Traditional Wireline, GSM and CDMA network assurance
  • NGN, 3G, 4G, LTE, UMTS and IMS migrations and their revenue assurance impacts
  • Cable, Wimax, ISP and the assurance of packet based business models
  • Satellite, Cable and broadcast technologies
  • Key concepts of Domain Assurance and AAA as the means of assuring any technology quickly and without a lot of technical mambo-jumbo.

Day 3: Billing Foundations

This day provides students with a comprehensive overview of all of the major billing system approaches including mediation, post-paid, prepaid, radius/diameter, and convergent. Students will learn how different network technologies are tied into the different types of billing systems. They will also become familiar with the GRAPA standard controls for each environment and will learn how to quickly secure and assure these systems and domains. Learn how to assure and secure any billing system quickly and effectively.

Day 4: Partner Foundations

Day 4 provides the student with a practical handbook of the operational and industry protocols that drive the management of partnerships in telecommunications and broadcast. GRAPA members have reported the biggest challenge to the assurance of partnerships is not the technology, but the fact that every line of business has a set of generally accepted protocols that dictate the way that the business runs. During this day, we will “break the code” and show you the key technical, operational, contractual and generally accepted business practices protocols that drive the conduct of the major partnership lines of business.

Learn how to assure and secure:

  • Interconnect
  • Roaming
  • Content
  • Internet Access (ISP)
  • Streaming and Broadcast

Use the hierarchy of protocol points, combined with the GRAPA standard controls to truly understand and have confidence in your partnership revenue streams.

Day 5: Profit Foundations

Finally, in day 5, we pull it all together and show students how the effective practice of revenue assurance as revealed in the four previous days, makes it possible for revenue assurance professionals to provide their CFO with the most valuable, and critical ability of all; the ability to monitor and control profitability and overall financial risk. Discover, what CFO’s around the world are coming to know; that a well run revenue assurance department can deliver real value in the assurance of finances. On day 5 we teach the disciplines of margin assurance, marketing assurance and the assurance of new product development.

We are very excited about the new Revenue Assurance Foundations program, and we will be tentatively offering it at 11 different locations around the world. You can check the Revenue Assurance Academy website for the latest locations and dates.

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