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Hi, my name is Rob Mattison and welcome to my bio page. I am really grateful for this chance to let people know a little bit about myself. Although I don’t think that there is anything especially outstanding about me or my background, I am sure that for people from other countries, other cultures and other backgrounds it can be interesting.

Rob Mattison

I had a typical Midwestern US childhood. Interestingly enough, I am actually and quite legitimately a living example of deep south trailer trash. Yes, I was born in a small aluminum trailer in a trailer park in Key West, Florida, the southernmost point in the United States. My father was stationed on the Naval Base there when I was born. I often attribute my love of the ocean and beaches to the fact that I was born and began my life on a coral sand bar in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

As time went on we moved to Chicago, and I spent my Childhood living in the City of Chicago in the old 6-corners neighborhood : Cicero, Irving Park and Milwaukee Ave. I went to the St. Bartholomew Grade School until we moved to unincorporated Des Plaines, the NW suburbs of Chicago where I attended Our Lady of Ransom Grade School and Notre Dame High School.

As a grade school student I was known as “Rock”, because of my love for fossils and paleontology. I collected fossils, I was on a local TV show hosted by Ray Rayner to show off my project, and I competed regionally for science awards.

In high school my interest turned to music, where I learned to play the trumpet. I played in the orchestra, learned the French horn, and was lucky enough to play in show bands for Broadway musicals and in the local jazz band, “The Melodons”. We actually cut some records, I arranged some songs and you can hear that music and my great trumpet solo on those records.

After high school, I got married, had some children and continued my education. I studied Anthropology at Northwestern University and got a Bachelors Degree in Quantitative Methods and Computer Science at the University of Illinois in Chicago. I then continued to pursue a Masters Degree in Telecommunications at Roosevelt University.

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