Are We There Yet?

datePosted on 19:43, January 11th, 2011 by grapa

Well, another year has come and gone, and as revenue assurance professionals, I think it appropriate at the beginning of 2011, that we ask the same question that my grand kids were pestering  me with this past week. The question is, as Revenue Assurance Professionals…are we there yet?

When you take a look at everything that has happened in the past year, it is certainly a valid question to ask. 2010 saw a large number of major indicators of the continued expansion, professionalization and standardization of the practice of revenue assurance and fraud management around the world.

  • First – the sheer numbers–GRAPA membership has soared to over 5000 this year; a major, massive climb in numbers, and frankly far more members than we ever thought possible.
  • Second – and equally important, we saw the certification of hundreds of revenue assurance, fraud management and internal auditors as Certified Practitioners and Masters Level Managers.

This year saw some major shifts in the acceptance of the GRAPA version of professionalization on many fronts. More incumbent wireline telcos have begun to align with the GRAPA standards. The number of wireline telcos that are signing up for training and certification is exploding.

At the same time, we have seen a huge increase in participation from CABLE, DATA, ISP and WIMAX carriers, showing that the GRAPA standards and principles are making as much sense to the start-ups and heavy innovators as they are to anyone else.

In the meantime, the traditional major supporters of GRAPA, the small, medium and large GSM and CDMA carriers are solidifying their practices, growing their departments and saying to us, “are we there yet–is that all there is?”

I am proud to say that GRAPA has made some significant contributions to the professionalization of revenue assurance. How do I know?

  • The first evidence that I can point to is the number of members returning with success stories.
  • The number of promotions and the ever increasing size of the budgets for GRAPA revenue assurance certified teams are very impressive.
  • Even more impressive, are the stories of revenue recovery, loss prevention and scope expansion that are reported by just about everyone who certifies.

While these things are impressive, from my perspective at least, there is still a lot we need to do.

There are several major areas of growth that you can expect to see this year, things that our members can look forward to, and can participate in order to help GRAPA to move the mission of professionalization forward. We will be dedicating some of our future blogs to provide more detailed information about each of these programs, but let me highlight of few of the more critical ones here.

Based upon feedback from members, we will be expanding our program in a number of new ways. We will be offering more training courses, more certification programs, and we will continue to expand the scope of our training to better include WIMAX, WIFI, ISP, Fiber, LTE, Docsis 3.0 and all the major new technology domains. Look forward to seeing us in London, Madrid, Punta Cana, Rio De Janero, Islamabad, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Sharm El Sheikh, Nairobi and pay special attention to our Flagship event of the year, a two week certification event at Disney World in Orlando in December.

Revenue Assurance Governance Methodology

While the continuation of what we’ve been doing right so far is great, we are not about to slow down now. There are a lot of things, we are planning for 2011 but by far, the most significant event of 2011 for Revenue Assurance professionals will be the release of the newly developed GRAPA – Revenue Assurance Governance Methodology and Framework. This methodology represents the result  of over four years of research and development by GRAPA committees, members and staff around the world, and represents what we believe will prove to be the true turning point in the move to professionalize revenue assurance .

The new Revenue Assurance Governance methodology was developed to complement the existing Revenue Assurance Standards, and provides CFOs, CEOs, RA Managers, Fraud Managers and all related risk and revenue management professionals with a consolidated, comprehensive and practical methodology for the tracking and measurement of revenue assurance activities, and for the full integration of revenue assurance into the business as a truly key component in the companies strategic capabilities.

Initial feedback from CFOs, CEOs and other executives around the world are pretty unanimous in their acceptance of the new RAG as the “missing link” in their understanding of what revenue assurance is really about, and shows top management how they can get control of revenue assurance, and harness the power of the discipline to be much more than a simple revenue janitor function.

While clearly the revenue assurance profession has a long way to go, it is our hope, and our commitment to see to it that even though the trip is not over, that revenue assurance professionals will have plenty to do as we continue on our journey.

I think that’s enough for this time, so until next time, this is Rob Mattison saying … Be Safe.

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