A Look Back at 2008

datePosted on 14:04, January 18th, 2009 by Rob Mattison


I’d like to take some time and look back at what GRAPA has experimented with over the past year. There were a number of different activities and initiatives; some initiatives were extremely successful, while others were less than effective. As time goes on however, we continue to improve in our approach and effectiveness.  Let’s take a look at some of the more successful activities of 2008 included:

GRAPA Standards Committee – The official GRAPA Standards Document was by far the single biggest success, and the more critical aspect of activities in 2008.  The completion of the primary mission and the establishment of this document helped create a solid foundation for GRAPA.  I’d like to give many thanks to the committees that pulled together to develop this timely document for the continued success of our association.

GRAPA Fraud Contest – In our continued commitment to the creation of a “community” of professionals, we conducted our first ever GRAPA Fraud Contest. The contest encouraged members around the world to submit their best and most interesting fraud cases, and submit it in order to enhance the GRAPA fraud practices library. The contest saw participation by dozens of members and an esteemed panel of GRAPA Fraud Specialists judged the cases and awarded prizes (Ipods, PDAs etc) to the winners.

GRAPA Certification Committee – Over the past year, several GRAPA certification committees have applied their knowledge and insight to help develop a certification that will most effectively support our membership. With the ratification of the standards, GRAPA will be launching the first version of the certification program based upon these inputs.

GRAPA Benchmarks – I think one of the more prominent and useful of the GRAPA activities in 2008 was the GRAPA benchmarks. These benchmarks consisted of a number of different questionnaires designed to help the GRAPA organization and members to understand exactly what are the current revenue assurance practices around the world. The rules for GRAPA benchmarks are simple. If you participate in the benchmark, you get to see the results. Over 300 members participated in our benchmarks in 2008 and several dozen are planned for 2009.

GRAPA Town Hall Meetings – One of the most exciting and successful activities that GRAPA initiated in 2008 were our Town Hall Meetings. Town hall meetings, held in real time in different locations, provided a forum for GRAPA members to come together and share ideas and insights with each other. A series of four standards based town hall meetings were held in many locations around the world (Africa, Asia, Europe and the US). I’m happy to share that more are planned for 2009!

The Revenue Assurance Academy – Of course, no mention of the activities of GRAPA would be complete without giving credit to the Revenue Assurance Academy team for the amazing job they did in 2008. With only a few short months of preparation, and no experience to speak of, the Revenue Assurance Academy was able to hold dozens of training classes in cities around the world, providing high quality training at affordable prices to GRAPA members in every region of the world.

So with that short look back, I’m excited to say that we are definitely moving forward in strengthening the association and heightening the awareness of revenue assurance professionals around the world! I hope you all are looking forward to the sharing this journey with me and the GRAPA team in this new year!

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