How Can the CEO Use Revenue Assurance?

datePosted on 11:18, May 17th, 2012 by grapa

How can the CEO Use Revenue Assurance?

Hi, this is Rob Mattison, the president of GRAPA, the Global Revenue Assurance Professionals Association. This week, we will be presenting the next edition in our series “The Beginners Guide to Revenue Assurance”.

In our previous presentations, we covered some of the basic questions that the stranger to telecoms might ask. We established that revenue assurance was a function unique to telecommunications, and that the need that telecoms have for revenue assurance is usually caused by several factors, all concerned with the incredibly fast rate of change that telecom managers must face:

Why do Telecoms use Revenue Assurance?

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In this, our second session in the “beginners guide to revenue assurance” series, we will tackle one of the biggest and most pressing questions that managers have when it comes to revenue assurance: “Why should the manager choose to use revenue assurance at all?”

As we have already established, the telecom industry is unique. While other industries like banking, manufacturing and retail naturally seem to integrate the integrity of revenue streams into their operational models only telecoms seems to need to make a specialized function out of it.

What is Revenue Assurance?

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What is revenue assurance? What kind of question is that to ask? Especially, what kind of question is that to have as a topic for a blog? In recent months, GRAPA and Revenue Assurance as a whole, has been getting some pretty exciting press coverage. It seems that Revenue Assurance (as promoted by GRAPA at least) is becoming more and more a “top of mind” issue for a lot of C Level executives and even telecoms board members.

Are You a Revenue Assurance Muggle, or a Tom Swift Wizard?

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The big news this summer has been the release of the last Harry Potter movie. I am not ashamed to admit, that I too, fell in love with Harry Potter and the magical world of Hogwarts. It wasn’t hard for that to happen. I have always been a huge fan of science fiction and sword and sorcery stories.

Those of you of my generation might remember a series of books about a teenager named “Tom Swift”. Tom Swift was the scientific genius son of a scientific genius millionaire father, who went around the world inventing, creating and using dozens of fantastical, futuristic devices.

(Margin) Pirates of the Canadians

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Yo Ho, Yo Ho, The Pirate’s Life for me!

Who among us can resist the attraction, excitement and glory of the pirate’s life? Amusement parks, kids’ shows and even the movies glamorize the life of the swashbuckling buccaneer. Indeed, there are some very attractive things about the “pirate’s life”.

  1. Sailing the seven seas. Traveling around the world, seeing exotic ports and locations.
  2. Freedom to go wherever you want, nothing to hold you down to the rules of one location.
  3. And of course, the whole reason that anyone becomes a pirate – the search for the buried treasure.

Muggle or Revenue Assurance Wizard-Listen to the Podcast

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Introducing Revenue Assurance Foundations

datePosted on 21:14, January 31st, 2011 by grapa

As the president of GRAPA, I’d like to tell you about one of the three new and exciting training and certification programs being launched in 2011. The Program is called “Revenue Assurance Foundations.”  I hope that you come to believe, as I do, that this will be the best, most effective, career building, paradigm shaking, awesome revenue assurance event that anyone has ever heard of.

So what is the history and background for this program? The Revenue Assurance Foundations program is the third in the series of what we call our core curriculum for revenue assurance professionals. The core curriculum is an intense five day crash course in the fundamentals of the practice of professional revenue assurance as advocated by the GRAPA standards.

Are We There Yet?

datePosted on 19:43, January 11th, 2011 by grapa

Well, another year has come and gone, and as revenue assurance professionals, I think it appropriate at the beginning of 2011, that we ask the same question that my grand kids were pestering  me with this past week. The question is, as Revenue Assurance Professionals…are we there yet?

When you take a look at everything that has happened in the past year, it is certainly a valid question to ask. 2010 saw a large number of major indicators of the continued expansion, professionalization and standardization of the practice of revenue assurance and fraud management around the world.

Are You a Revenue Assurance Black Belt?

datePosted on 06:38, November 11th, 2010 by grapa

I love Karate movies. Like many people, my memory of Ninja, Kung Fu, Karate and Taekwondo movies goes back for decades. When I was growing up, it was Bruce Lee in “Enter the Dragon”, and most recently my current favorite is Jackie Chan. Who wouldn’t love to be a Ninja, flying through the air breaking bricks with your head and disarming the bad guys faster than they can blink? (ZZT7BZ7FMHT8)

What Kind of Revenue Assurance Hero Are You?

datePosted on 05:13, October 28th, 2010 by grapa

Batman, Superman, Aquaman or The Flash: What Kind of Revenue Assurance Hero do You Want to Be?

During our annual Cape Town Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management certification event, we enjoyed the company of participants from across Africa.  Participants included people from MTN, Vodacom, Zain, Net One (actually two different Net Ones – from two different countries,) as well as Mobiliy (Saudi Arabia) and others. It is always such a great experience when revenue assurance and fraud professionals from so many different operators come together and compare notes on the state of their organizations.

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